My First K-Drama

To celebrate my one year K-drama anniversary I have decided to go back and re-watch my first K-Drama Flower Boys Next Door, and document what my first drama taught me, and whether they were misconceptions or not.

I think a lot of people are introduced to K-drama’s by a friend so they have some sort of idea what to expect. While I on the other had basically received a message from my cousin that pretty much said “hey I think you would like this Korean drama, here is where you can watch it”. We have similar reading taste so I decided what the heck and gave it a shot.

Episode 1

and introductions

First we have our main character who sets her alarm to wake up the same time as her neighbor who lives across from her and whose apartment she can look into.


Don’t judge her to harshly her neighbor looks like this.


And to be fair she was using the binoculars to check that his puppy was alright after what looked like some hot water spilled on him. Her “peeping” on her neighbor seems more like watching a drama, his life is in a way like her it is just cleaner, nicer and prettier, who wouldn’t rather look at his apartment?

Next we meet her neighbors. I say her because I don’t believe we have actually learned her name and if I remember correctly we don’t learn it till episode 2. Her name is Go Dok Mi and she is played by Park Shin Hye.  These “flower boys” (a boy who is most likely pretty than you) are on there way to their editor and talk about their webtoon (online comic). I feel these guys intro is better than Enrique, which is a foreshadowing to my feeling of the two male leads. We will see how my emotions go the second time around.




We meet Enrique on his flight to Korea, as he walked down the aisle to go help a little boy stop crying all the women are gawking at him and I believe this is do to his “flower boy” looks and not because they know he is the creator of a famous video game.

Re-watching has made me remember everything I didn’t know. I think I am going to have to do a post of what I have learned so I can reference there with out having to write a book every time I need to explain things.

So instead of giving a recap on the whole episode I am going to talk about my first impressions of the main characters we were introduced to.

Go Dok Mi: I can relate and sympathize, I live alone and although I do not suffer from her anxiety I like being home and if I had a neighbor who looked like that I would probably plan my dad around running into him, just so I could see him.

Now although Tae Joon (stalkie across the way) does not end up playing a huge roll in the series I want to mention him because he was the first male I was introduced to in K-dramaland and I had no doubt that yes I do like Korean men.  He is played by Kim Jung San, and he must be a model because he hasn’t really been in anything else.

The real male leads Enrique (Yoon Shi Yoon) and Jin Rok (Kim Ji Hoon), I think my heart was softened more towards Jin Rok because he secretly watches Dok Mi. Enrique is fun and cute but his flower boy persona was very new to me and felt strange. That is why I am excited to give it a second go to see if my knowledge effects how I see things.  Stay tuned.



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