Hello, my name is Connie and about a year ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of Kdrama. It has been a fun year as I have become more and more immersed in all thing dealing with dramaland. This blog is where I want to document my adventures and perspective as a white American, single female in her early 30’s who new very little of Korea before she began.

What I new about Korea a year or so ago…

1) I knew that plastic surgery was very common there. 

2) In 2008 I was at Comic Con in the H Hall when they announced the cast of Ninja Assassin and Rain a Korean actor/pop star came on stage. I had no clue who he was but he was adorable, I remember some girls asking why he wanted to come to American to film and his answer was lots of girls but then he laughed and said he was joking. I totally had a crush on him.

Yep that was pretty much it, I didn’t know any Korean or much other than there was a north and south and the two above were the only cultural things I knew. 


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